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TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup Review | Demonstration

I recently received the Temptu Airbrush Makeup starter kit in the mail. These are the items I received in my care package.

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Turns Out You Actually Should Use Those Cheapie Makeup Applicators

That's all well and good for makeup artists — and for those of us who have the time, patience, and money to give good face (no shade, we admire your dedication and cosmetics skills) — but for most of us, owning an arsenal of brushes is neither

Turns Out You Actually Should Use Those Cheapie

Source: yonopkaのブログ

Turns Out You Actually Should Use Those Cheapie Makeup Applicators. Since as far back as we can remember, when we were nothing more than baby beauty editors, we've held one makeup-artist maxim to be self-evident: Thou shalt not use the sponge applicators that come with your products. It has been hammered into our heads over and over again that the only way to make your makeup look on-point is to use an array of pricey brushes to blend, buff, shape, and shade. That's all well and good for makeup artists — and for those of us who have the time, patience, and money to give good face (no shade, we admire your dedication and cosmetics skills) — but for most of us, owning an arsenal of brushes is neither... Mini Full Coverage Airbrush. So what's an amateur makeup maven to do. The good news is you don't have to relegate yourself to patchy foundation. Yep, we're talking about the humble sponge applicator — it's experiencing a renaissance, thanks to beauty pros and brands. According to makeup artist and Surratt Beauty founder Troy Surratt, the main reason many makeup artists weren't originally fans of sponge applicators is the fact that they're small and hard to handle. They usually only come in one size, and they're not particularly good at distributing product. And while those issues remain true, makeup artists have found ways to use the applicators for tasks that are more suited to their shapes and materials. "Sponge applicators are great for any type of makeup [for which] you need a really precise application," explains Surratt. "If you’re applying concealer, a bit of cream blush, or even eye cream, they’re great with measuring the exact amount you need. They also come in handy when you’re layering color on the eyes and want the effect to be really rich and dense, softening hard edges around the eyes, and if you’re softening the edges of a lipliner to create a more stained effect. Sponge applicators work best with "viscous liquids and cream textures" but should be avoided "for something like foundation or powder blush, [for which] you want to get a really broad, blended application," says Surratt. This is why you're seeing so many brands wising up to their usefulness and creating specialty sponges that are sold separately. Brands like Make Up For Ever, MAC, and even Surratt have created or are in the process of expanding the concept of the applicator, making everything from bulk packs to traditional handle brushes that feature refillable sponge heads. But the popularity of sponges is not solely due to makeup artists changing their tune — it also has a lot to do with how the applicators themselves are made. Says Sandy Linter, makeup artist and Lancôme Beauty at Every Age expert, "I think brands know we're throwing [the sponges] away and they're spending money for nothing, so why not just do a good product. " Linter is a fan of the brush included in Lancôme's Le Correcteur Pro, which features both pointed and fluffy sides. She uses the brush with everything from concealers to eyeshadow to eyeliner to lipstick, applying product with the pointed side and blending it out with the fluffy end. As cushions are meant to be applied by pressing the product into the skin and softly buffing, brands have invested money into making those sponges effective — rather than risk someone not liking the product because it doesn't apply well due to a... Linter says she always applies Lancôme's Miracle Cushion with the included sponge because it gets the job done, remarking that it "diffuses the product and blends it in perfectly to the skin. Not to be left out, powder foundations — like Tom Ford Beauty's new Flawless Powder/Foundation are including multi-purpose applicators. The one that accompanies this product features a sponge side and a flocked side. "The flocked side is softer, so it deposits less product on the face — for light blotting or to set foundation," explains makeup artist Philippe Chansel. "The sponge side will pick up and deposit more product, so you get more coverage and can use it as a foundation. Surratt is quick to clarify that the sponge isn't a replacement for a brush, and that one isn't better than the other. It's just another way of applying makeup, and it comes down to preference.

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The Very Best Wedding Planner, Organizer & Keepsake
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For decades, Milady has been known as the premier source for beauty and wellness education. Now we have taken that reputation one step further with the brand-new Milady Standard Makeup. This cutting-edge addition to the Milady Standard offerings is aimed at anyone and everyone with a passion and desire for becoming a makeup artist or working in the world of makeup. Milady Standard Makeup is a full-color text, packed with more than 800 photos and illustrations, covering everything from anatomy and physiology to color theory, product types and tools. Step-by-step procedures lead the reader through various looks including bridal, prom, and high-fashion applications. Readers will also learn how to create natural looks and deal with particular skin types such as mature and acne-prone skin....

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