English Winter Veg Pancakes

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Squash pancakes (hobakjeon:호박전)

How to make 2 kinds of Korean squash fritters (usually called pancakes), one from zucchini, and one from butternut squash. Full recipe on my website:.

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The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook

Vegetarish-Dietisher Kokhbokh: 400 Shpeizn Gemakht Oysshlislekh Fun Grinsn or, the Vegetarian-Dietetic Cookbook: 400 Recipes Made Exclusively From Vegetables, was the first Yiddish-language vegetarian cooking manual published Europe. Shortly after

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That English Milk Punch lives up to the hype — assuming you get to the restaurant before it sells out. Even if . Admission to the summer events are $25, which gets you a wine flight and a family-style vegan meal. . Pancake approves! What You're

The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook - PopMatters - PopMatters

Source: www.popmatters.com

In 1938, cooking teacher, restaurant proprietress, and vegetarian Fania Lewando published a Yiddish-language vegetarian cookbook. Vegetarish-Dietisher Kokhbokh: 400 Shpeizn Gemakht Oysshlislekh Fun Grinsn or, the Vegetarian-Dietetic Cookbook: 400 Recipes Made Exclusively From Vegetables , was the first Yiddish-language vegetarian cooking manual published Europe. Shortly after Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Vilna fell under Soviet Union rule. We know Lewando and her husband Lazar tried to escape and were caught by Soviet soldiers. Lewando’s cookbook also vanished. In 1995, a copy of the Vegetarian-Dietetic Cookbook: 400 Recipes Made Exclusively From Vegetables surfaced at an antiquarian book fair. Recognizing its value, a couple purchased it, then donated the copy to New York’s YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. YIVO contacted cookbook author Joan Nathan, who brought the book to Schocken Publishing. Seventy-seven years later, Lewando’s manuscript, newly translated and retitled, is available to everyone as The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook. Readers expecting the chatty anecdotes, shiny photographs, and detailed instructions of modern cookbooks will be disappointed. This would be a shame, for The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook is best appreciated as a historical document of great interest. Understood thus, Lewando’s work can be appreciated for its many virtues rather than harshly judged by today’s vastly different standards. Lewando worked within harsh limitations. Pre-war Poland was chilly, available vegetables few. Lewando never tasted Meyer lemons or gritty Himalayan sea salt. In turning from chicken fat as a cooking medium, she had no recourse to artisanal olive oils, pomegranate molasses or verjus. All of Lewando’s cooking transpired over coal or wood-fired stoves, a reality reflected in The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook’s crude temperature suggestions. Her handheld equipment was minimal: knives, box graters and di mashinke , or the “little machine”: a food mill. As a pioneering advocate of vegetarianism, Lewando bravely bucked centuries of Eastern European Jewish tradition. Platters of beef or chicken were central to Ashkenazi Jewish tables, signifying wealth, abundance, and celebration. For the poorest Jews, subsisting all week on potatoes and cabbage, Friday night supper meant at least a little chicken. The notion of voluntary vegetarianism was at best peculiar. Yet Lewando wasn’t starting at zero. The result is a rich repertory of meatless dishes, including an entire subset of parve , or neutral foods. Many of the recipes in The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook are undeniably historical. Lewando extolled the benefits of raw fruits and vegetables, adding: “The skins of fruits and berries are especially important for the digestion process. Recipes for Rice With Mushrooms, Carrot Fritters and the entire omelet chapter remain tempting. Nor did Lewando neglect Jewish classics like poppy seed cookies, egg cookies ( kichel ), matzoh balls, latkes, and a host of kugels. She gracefully negotiates Lewando’s culinary Yiddish, which borrowed from numerous geographic regions. Her sensitive annotations clarify the tricky places where Lewando’s expectations smack against reader ignorance. In a final favor to modern readers, Jochnowitz converted Lewando’s “decas”—decagrams—to cups, making the recipes workable in today’s kitchens. That said, Lewando is very much a product of her era. Recipes are given in an abbreviated paragraph style with minimal instruction. Many cake recipes call for “as much flour as will absorb”/ Apple Bread requires “some apples”. There are neither yields nor cooking times. There are no suggested pan sizes. Lewando’s suggested recipe pairings vary from appetizing to historically curious. It’s unlikely anyone will want Fried Summer Squash With Beet Gratin, but any Russian Jewish reader (ahem) will understand, if not eat, Sauerkraut Stewed With Sour Cream and Pease Porridge. Squash With Blackberries potentially repulses until you realize the recipe calls for sweet winter squash. Rice Dumplings with the suggested Tomato Sauce sounds lovely. Creamed Spinach served with Fried Bread Rolls will be wonderful come November’s freezing winds. Lewando’s liberal hand with dairy leads inevitably to the.

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500 Under 500
Published by Adams Media 2011
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Koreana is a full-color quarterly on Korean culture and arts, including traditional heritage as well as modern and contemporary activities. Each issue includes in-depth coverage of a selected theme, followed by an array of articles on artists and artisans, historic and cultural landmarks, natural attractions, reviews of stage performances and exhibitions, literary pieces, and today’s lifestyles. Published since 1987, the magazine can also be accessed at (www.koreana.or.kr).

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are not always the best
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serve with some vegetables if You want, and additional portion of sauce ... or foil (at list at the bottom of the rolled pancake)