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Blender 2.67 Tutorial - Underlying Python Script

This offhand tutorial shows how to create a very simple Blender Python script based on one developed by FirstGradeCalculus (http://youtu. be/ALfl4tebiQM) Here's.

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Third-Individual Space Shooter RPG (Concept)

Hello. I'm working on a instance of a third-person space shooter. It's about a sci-fi government division that's dedicated to protecting Earth from incoming asteroids and various duration junk. The player has recently joined a special space squadron that

Pre-eminent physics implementation for a 2.5D isometric platformer

What I was planning on doing preferably was creating 3D collision meshes for the tiles, then using blender+python to copy and paste those collision meshes into one large mesh, join the objects and duplicated vertices, and then knock off the 'limited

Getting started with practise deceit programming

I started two years ago, accurate in c++ with the "Let's make an RPG" SDL tutorials from Code Rad on You tube. I didn't know anything, not even what a boolean was. All I knew about programming was QBasic back in 1993 which I did for one year back then, 

Trait Update - 2/16/2015

Source: Salgat's Journal

Common sense and leveling Killing a unit gives experience and, after enough experience, a new level and skill points Interface Player health and energy bars The other side health bar (if targeted) Inventory and equipped items Items Can now use interface to... Additionally, working on support for quests (that are loaded from scripts). Known quests allow for dialogue with options, giving items as quest rewards, and quest requirements including killing a specific unique unit, decimation a certain number of a type of unit, and entering a certain area (a quest can have multiple... Save and load game state Masterful to save and load game states using either hot keys or the menu, restoring the game to whatever state it was saved at. Basic Menu (work in expansion) Able to pull up a menu to save and exit the game. Building using CMake This is internal, but previously I was using a custom script to quickly compile the plucky, however finally added support for CMake to automatically create Makefiles to build the game. This way is more robust but unfortunately the dependancy tracker is *really* old-fashioned when building on the older computer (for building and testing on the 32-bit computer from 2008, it takes a good 5 minutes to build versus 2 minutes on my newer desktop. The prior script to build took much less time since it didn't use a dependency tracker (it would rebuild whatever was changed, but you had to run -clean if headers were changed). Two factors had to be addressed: as you true up, it becomes harder to level, and lower level creatures reward less experience that drops off at an exponential rate. As of now there is no plan for a level cap, but at almost level 80 it starts to take a lot longer to level, and at level 99 it takes roughly 25,000 unit kills to level up. The estimate is to create a "soft-cap" on leveling, so that while you are free... A new interface has been created that shows both the player's health, energy, enemy health (if targeted), and the inventory/equipped items. The inventory supports equipping and unequipping items, along with picking up and dropping items. Due to my want of painting skills, I resorted to developing the interfaces in Blender and using the 3D renders to develop the interface graphics. A new type of unit called "Portals" are now supported that permit a player to travel to different maps by clicking on it. When changing maps, a unit's minions automatically travel with it. An important addition was made to the Section class that... This, along with a new quest system in the works, allows for players to complete tasks such as killing a unique boss or even something like the " Den of Mischief " quest from Diablo 2, where you had to clear out an entire map of enemy units. The menu system is still very rudimentary, with only support for saving and exiting the prey. Saving the game state posed an interesting problem because there are many ways to approach this problem. In games like Diablo 2, you plainly save the player character's stats and progression and reload all the maps, etc from a clean slate. Since it's easy to do (at least for now), I decided to just save everything methodically as it is, so that when you save the game then load it later, it loads *exactly* as it was when you saved it, including the location of all enemies and their... Saving the game utilized the Customs Buffers library from Google, which allows you to define a special "Proto" file that defines the data structures you want to save to and serialize. You then systematize this Proto file into a C++ file and header that can be included in your program. From there, you create a data structure (defined in the Proto file), store the relevant matter to it, then serialize it. Later you simply load that serialized file into a ProtoBuf structure, and read the relevant data from it to reconstruct your...

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The Blender Gamekit

The Blender Gamekit

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This completely revised, full-color edition covers Blender 2.48, including all contributions from the Open Game Yo Frankie! project. The Blender GameKit starts with an extensive section explaining the basic concepts of 3D design and offering a full introduction to the Blender interface. Through step-by-step tutorials, the book shows how to create models, add motion to them, and turn them into simple games. Experienced 3D artists will appreciate the more complex game demos, the character animation tutorials, the introduction to Python, a tutorial with the Frankie character, and the advanced reference section. The CD contains several playable and editable Blender game demos, created by renowned artists from the Blender community; all the files needed for the tutorials; and Blender 2.48 for all platforms.


Doc:2.6/Enchiridion/Extensions/Python/Intro to Python - BlenderWiki
Why another Python tutorial? This summon forth exists for two reasons. To introduce Programming using Python 3.x quickly and efficiently. And most importantly teach inside of ...

Doc:2.6/Instructions/Extensions/Python - Main Page - BlenderWiki
Blender 2.6, Python Handbook Introduction . Welcome to the Blender 2.6 Python Manual. Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming ...

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Advanced Tutorials/Python ...
This phase is an update of a great tutorial originally built for blender 2.44. Blender is not just useful to create complete animations, but it's also a great modeller.

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Tutorial: Introduction to Python Scripting in Blender tutorials

Tutorial: Introduction to Python Scripting in Blender tutorials
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Blender 3D users - which adaptation of Python to install ^

Blender 3D users - which adaptation of Python to install ^
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RT @BlenderCookie: "Version a Minecraft Scene in Cycles, Made Quicker With Python" - Cool new written tutorial from Ben Simmonds #b3d htt…


RT @BlenderCookie: "Representation a Minecraft Scene in Cycles, Made Quicker With Python" - Cool new written tutorial from Ben Simmonds #b3d htt…


RT @BlenderCookie: "Version a Minecraft Scene in Cycles, Made Quicker With Python" - Cool new written tutorial from Ben Simmonds #b3d htt…

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But try the Immune from. If you fall in love with the interface (it’s hard not to), you may want to buy into the big leagues. Step into the domain of Blender and you join an expanding open source universe of visual effects artisans. Blender is generally known as ...

Essential mess
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That gets me ( and I divine other people as well ) confused. Then after spending a week coding something in Python, you suddenly jump back to C++ and mighty lord forbid that your first task that day is orthodoxy refactoring. We know that something bad happens ...

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