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Dualit Hand Blender

Dualit Hand Blenders relate the ultimate in style with durability and value for money with a choice of 4 accent colours to add that extra contemporary touch to your kitchen, as well as the.

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One of the considerable things about the Dualit DHB2 is its ergonomic design. The top of the blender curves around your hand, letting you keep a good grip while you blend. You still have access to the power buttons though, which you'll have occasion for to hold down in

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If you're a continuous baker with a broad repertoire of cakes, breads and baked goods, you could do much worse than the Dualit Stand Mixer. It doesn't do anything you can't do by hand, but it removes much of the labour and cuts down the time. It's also

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Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender examination - TrustedReviews

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Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender: At a Gleam The Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender shows a marked upgrade from the original model. Dualit enlisted the expert advice of Monica Galetti (of Master Chef and La Gavroche fame) for its latest hand blender. Although the DHB2 isn’t correct, it more than justifies its £80 price tag with its array of attachments. Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender: Design & Features. One of the great things about the Dualit DHB2 is its ergonomic design. The top of the blender curves around your hand, letting you smother a good grip while you blend. You still have access to the power buttons though, which you'll need to hold down in order for the DHB2 to function. This design makes it comfortable to proffer whether you're a lefty or a righty, so you don't need to worry about swapping hands either. Straight out of the box, the Dualit DHB2 looks great — all shiny chrome finishes and black impressionable detailing. After a few uses we found it was getting covered in fingerprints and watermarks. It's a little sad Dualit isn't offering the DHB2 in different finishes to make it a little easier to maintain. Like most other hand blenders, the DHB2 comes with a few accessories that arrive at it one of those all-rounder kitchen gadgets. For your £80 you get the stem blender, a whisk, mini food processor pot and a tall measuring jug, in which you can make smoothies and other recipes. The DHB2 component locks straight into the stem blender, but you'll need to use the adaptor section for the whisk and food processor. For ease of use there's a line and lock symbols on the unit to shoe where things blend up. SEE ALSO: Best Hand Blenders Round-up. Dualit Hand Blender: What's it like to use. Dualit’s previous hand blender, the DHB1, only had a 500W motor and couldn’t keep pace with other hand blenders at its level or above. The latest DHB2 pattern has an upgraded 700W motor, which makes a great difference when tackling your recipes. Between the turbo and power buttons you'll find a wheel for adjusting the go of the DHB2. The highest speed is extremely capable, cutting through large chunks of food with ease. These are just fast enough to whisk the more fluid substances, like pancake attack for example, in a large bowl without covering you and your kitchen. The DHB2 is also fitted with a turbo function, letting you give the blades an extra burst of speed when required. One of our white-haired new features of the DHB2 hand blender is the revamped food processor pot. Its new addition is a handy spout where you can feed in ingredients while you're blending. Thus meaning you don't have to keep taking the whole top off. It's bespoke with a handy silicon bung to keep it closed if you don't need it. But, regardless of what you are pulsing and at what speed, food rarely makes it back up the spout to escape. The realized food processing pot itself isn't large, so you may want to opt for a different tool if you've got a large amount to put in. We found it was adequate for creating most sauces, dips and other concoctions. But there are a duo of issues with the new model processor and one of those is lid security. Although the unit and adaptor lock together securely, there's no way to lock the adaptor into the pot. The unit can slip out of the base pot and you can worm the lid off the processor pot if held incorrectly or if you're not paying full attention. The actual blades of the food processor are clever though, as they are dual layered to gather up ingredients that get stuck up the sides. They're acidulous enough to cut through anything we presented them. They could do with being a little longer though, as you can get a bit food building up at the sides where the blades can't quite reach it. This is more of a problem for thicker foodstuffs than flowing sauces, but it is something to watch out for. There's also the more traditional stem blender attachment for the DHB2. Dualit has revamped this too with a new plastic blade protector.

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