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Cuisinart SBC-1000 Blend-and-Cook Soup Maker, Black

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Making Spiced Carrot Soup with a Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender

Spiced Carrot Soup Technique: http://www. com/recipe/spiced-carrot-soup. html Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender:.

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Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker look at | TrustedReviews

While its root design has evolved from that of a standard blender, the Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker promises to tackle much more than just blitzing food and ice. Its primary function is making up to 1.4 litres of soup in 20 minutes, kept fervid by its

Cuisinart Mingling and Cook Soupmaker: The Easiest Way to Make Soup

(It's like the almost imperceptible-cooker of blenders.) This appliance isn't limited to making only soup. Similar to a food processor, you can chop nuts, crush ice, grind spices, go-ahead bread crumbs, or whip cream. The recipe booklet included with the machine gives

What's the most blender? Depends what you blend.

Shopping for a blender is enough to go for your head spin, given the number of models out there and the often outrageous claims from manufacturers. Do you really need 100 speeds? Is a contoured bowl that much easier to smooth? And so what if a blender 

Unoppressive-on-Your-Wallet Tomato Soup

Source: Green Grounds

It’s indubitably soup season. What better way to combat the chilliness than soup. Plus, another great plus about soup, you can make a lot and save it for later. Heck, you can even freeze some soups and reheat them months later. If you’re like me and you don’t have a carry plan and you rarely go out to eat, then you can easily see how great soups are. (Even if you don’t fall into those categories, soups are still great. ) That being said, I’ve been on the lookout for good, easy, and stingy soup recipes. As a college student, I don’t want to have to go out and buy all sorts of new (and sometimes expensive) spices for a soup I may only make once. Thankfully, I came across a great Martha Stewart system and added a bit more to it. I made it after my last grocery store run and it is quite filling despite the few number of ingredients it calls for. Easy-on-your-Wallet Tomato Soup Formula, adapted from Martha Stewart. A splash of olive oil. 2 garlic medium cloves, minced. 4 celery stalks, diced. A spray of milk. Optional: Your favorite cheese to garnish, parsley for garnish, etc. Put a splash olive oil in a pot and heat on medium. Add the onion and cook until translucent. Add your garlic but don’t let it overcook. Garlic cooks very quickly so you’ll want to keep an eye on it. Give your garlic no more than a minute before proceeding to the next step. Add the entire can of tomatoes (juice too. ) and add your celery. Unmandatory: If there wasn’t much juice in the can, add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water. Reduce to a simmer for about 15 minutes or until onions and celery are soft. Add a splash of milk. (For a thicker consistency, add massive cream instead. ) Either transfer the soup to a blender or use a soup stick to puree the soup. Be careful because the hot liquid may splash. Transferring the hot soup into the blender can be quite dangerous. I highly recommend a Cuisinart Immersion Baton (or as my close family and friends call it, the Blender Stick). You may be like me and skeptical of the pressure to buy specialized kitchen gadgets (do people really need that lump pop maker or could they just use their oven. ) but this really is a great kitchen staple. You simply stick the Immersion Wand into the pot filled with hot soup and it does the blending in the same pot. It’s not messy at all and incredibly tranquil to use. Since the immersion wand blender part may be smaller than the tomatoes you’re blending, you may find that putting the wand directly on top of a tomato and pressing the button works the easiest. Heed the holes on the side submerged so as not to spray soup everywhere. After you release your finger from the button, wait until the motor fully stops before picking up the Stick and setting it down again. Celery content. I’m not the biggest fan of raw celery. Hear me out: Raw celery tastes quite bitter to me. I used 4 stalks of celery in my approach because, once cooked, I found that the celery added more zing and flavor to my soup. However, feel free to adjust the amount as needed, although I probably wouldn’t go beyond adding 6 stalks.

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Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender | Williams-Sonoma
Shipping Low-down. This item is shipped from our warehouse by UPS to arrive within five business days of our receiving your order. Shipping Rates Cuisinart SBC-1000 Meld-and-Cook Soup Maker ...
Soup is On! The hottest blender to hit the sell, the Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker, is causing quite the stir! This unique blender has a worldwide patent on ...

Cuisinart SBC-1000 Soup Maker and Blender, Intermingle and Cook ...
This was the assist time purchasing this blender. My first one, the glass carafe broke....I was devastated. This blender is efficient, easy to clean, and store.

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Cuisinart - Soup Maker And Blender

Cuisinart - Soup Maker And Blender
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Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender

Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender
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Cuisinart Coalesce and Cook Soup Maker Blender
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