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[vimeo/rusbs] Manuscript Car - blender

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Why I won’t be getting bladdered this weekend and…forcefulness balls.

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Don’t whimper to me that you have a fat arse and then drink 2 bottles of wine over 2 days. Don’t tell me you need it because you’re stressed out. For fuck’s sake, your body is asking for help and you feed it some defile. And don’t hit me with the shit that I look the way I do because I exercise so much or that I’m genetically gifted. I have a nice tight arse because I eat healthily, I exercise sensibly, I don’t poison my body and I get my sleep. Look yourself eye to eye in the picture and ask yourself your own questions. Anyway, I’m not going to be a preacher and tell you not to drink. We are all the masters of our own bodies. What I am going to do though is tell you why I won’t be getting bladdered this weekend. If you want to be defeated or maintain weight, you need to eat a certain amount of calories. So if you are limited on calories, why on earth would you consume empty or dead calories. Alcohol contains deadpan calories and by this I mean that it has no nutritional value. I’m thinking glass of wine equals a whole heap of sugar. Who would eat a heap of sugar when you could dust some almonds in cocoa control and eat those instead. No brainer or maybe I’m just not getting it. Alcohol can impair your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Yip, that’s it. Have a nice glass of wine for dinner with a salad and a rest against piece of protein. Fill the salad up with beets, carrots, kale etc. What more do I need to say. Alcohols inhibits your body’s ability to make glucose. This means that it messes with your blood sugar levels. One of the key functions of your metabolism is to state adequate blood sugar levels in the body. Your body can’t store alcohol. When you drink alcohol, your body makes metabolizing it a priority over all other metabolic processes. Species of means that that big lump of cheese you had with your wine is still sitting there turning to…. yip. You got it, fat (oversimplifying but I think you get my drift). Even occasional alcohol consumption can cause drops in blood sugar levels, especially when drunken (excuse the pun) on an empty stomach. Yip, I know you like to down that first glass of wine when you get in from work whilst you’re getting dinner ready. You neediness to de-stress don’t you. Oh and if you need it to de-stress, then tell me, what are you stressed about. If you feel chilled after that glass of wine, I’d be asking myself why. It’s a bit like putting a plaster/band aid on that big mark on your cheek. It just covers it, it won’t make it go away. Enough of my lecturing on booze. If you want to lose weight and get fit and healthy, bin the noose, trust me. (I’m going to leave the word “noose”. I meant to white b derogate “booze”. Even my computer knows booze is killing us. ) And I’m not going to go into what it dies to your skin. Needless to say, I can spot that clammy red look a mile away. Eat a thriving snack in the afternoon so that you’re not craving by dinner time. Try my energy balls. And, before dinner and before you think about filling up that booze glass, drink a big glass of branch water. Energy ball recipe (check out the Vimeo vid on how to make them ). 1 cup/ (12-13)/225g of Medjool dates (the big fat soft ones) 1 cup of almond meal/flour or sod hemp seeds 2/3 cup of shredded coconut (unsweetened) 2 tablespoons of coconut oil... protein powder (optional but if added, use 2 scoops, bump off 2 tablespoons of the ground almonds and you might need a little extra coconut oil).


Basics of Constitution Painting - Blender Tutorial on Vimeo
Thanks. In Blender Execute, you have to be in edit mode with all the faces you want to paint selected while you choose the image to paint on in the Image/UV Editor.

Blender: Introduction to Unexpected Rigging on Vimeo
In this video tutorial for Blender 2.60 we usher in you to the basics of character rigging. This tutorial covers the initial armature creation, working with Inverse…

Blender 3D Develop Course
Blender 3D Conceive Course. Note: Added new Lesson #13 - NURBS Surfaces / Meta Objects - April 27, 2013. Note: Added new Lesson #14 - Mulish Body Dynamics- June 1, 2013

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Blender 3D - The religious ministry

Blender 3D - The religious ministry
Image by

Blender Mechanism - Criando um Jogo - 01

Blender Mechanism - Criando um Jogo - 01
Image by

Woonkamer in Blender

Woonkamer in Blender
Image by

Google Books

Underpinning Blender Compositing
Underpinning Blender Compositing
Published by Apress 2009
ISBN 9781430219774,1430219777
500 pages

Anyone who uses Blender needs this work. Blender users know that it can be used for modeling, animation, and rendering, but it can also be used as a fully functional compositing and post-production application. This book explores Blender's use as a compositing and put-production tool in the video and film production pipeline. In this book, you will learn how to: Create and apply masks and special effects in Blender Composite images using Blender's node-based compositor Order and overlay video and audio using Blender's non-linear editor What you’ll learn This book provides concise yet step-by-step examples on using all of the power of Blender to provide a faultless post-production workbench. Specifically, this book shows you how to: Create Masks and Rotoscope video Texture mattes and...

Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook
Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd 2011
ISBN 1849512892,9781849512893
312 pages

Each chapter in the tome follows a themed approach to creating materials using the new Blender 2.5 features. As you read through each chapter you will learn approaches to create materials and textures. These materials and textures will helper you to create a flawless simulation of real-world objects. You need not read the chapters in any particular order to learn to use the Blender 3D suite for materials simulation meetly. Every recipe in this book will enable you to create a usable material or texture effect as well as teaching you techniques that save your time. If you are a Graphics Conniver looking to master the features for materials and textures to create realistic looking models in Blender, then this book is for you. It can be read by both beginners and experienced Blender...

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RT @Digital_Tutors: Be involved a sneak peek into our upcoming course on how to Create a Production-Ready Character in Blender:…


Survive punishment a sneak peek into our upcoming course on how to Create a Production-Ready Character in Blender:


I just uploaded "Blender Babes - Impulsive Products Expo Sizzle Reel" to Vimeo:

Cooking recipes

Blender Hollandaise Backchat
Ingredients:butter, dijon mustard, egg yolks, lemon juice, hot sauce

Blender Salad Dressing
Ingredients:cider vinegar, garlic powder, ketchup, mustard powder, onions, black pepper, salt, sugar, vegetable oil

Blender Orange Cake
Ingredients:flour, baking soda, eggs, sugar, orange, raisins, salt, shortening, sour cream

Blender Hollandaise Backchat Recipe
Ingredients:butter, dijon mustard, egg yolks, lemon juice, hot sauce

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Judging by the expressionless looks on their faces, the A-listers at the theater certainly didn't seem get the reference to "voxels" at the Oscars on Sunday night and most of the viewing public at familiar with were likely similarly baffled. So what were actors Miles Teller ...

Panmure St Ann’s – cleaning up the eco awards
02/04/15, via the Edinburgh Reporter

They have enchanted part in draught excluder workshops as well as using the smoothie bike to generate energy to power a blender therefore making their own healthy smoothies. Well done to person involved!! City Centre councillor Karen Doran said ...

So Numerous CG Films Look Alike—But This Will Transport You To A Dream World
01/16/15, via Io9

Shunsuke Saito hand-me-down hand-drawn animation and Blender to animate Small Garden, and created the texture painting in 3D-COAT and compositing in After Effects. It makes the whole men hazy and dreamy.

Blender Tutorial
Blender Tutorial

Created in Blender. Based on this tutorial from Blender Guru:

Photo by jcsizmadi

Conception and setting up my opening scene in Blender Cycles on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
Conception and setting up my opening scene in Blender Cycles on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson

Celebrating this New Years day I started to return my opening scene for my short film in the Blender Cycles render engine. Today I go over the set up for my scene. You can follow the entire process on my site at Regard this video on Vimeo. Video created by Hans B Erickson.

Photo by hansberickson

How to Assemble Blender 2.57 Update on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
How to Assemble Blender 2.57 Update on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson

With the liberating of 2.57 there has been a few changes on how to compile Blender especially for Window 7 users. For that reason I have recorded an update. In addition I am including a short section in keeping contributing add-on's up to age for those who compile Blender Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Hans B Erickson.

Photo by hansberickson